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By signing, you are confirming that all details listed on your invoice are accurate and that you agree to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in loss of deposit and additional fees. 



The Glossary has a strict no-refund policy, however,  we will allow modifications and cancellations for reservations that are more than 24 hours from the contracted start time, and a credit will be issued for a future session. (Credits are valid for 12 months). If a change is made less than 24 hours before your reservation, 100% of booking fee will apply and no credit will be issued.

Reservation Time

Rental time begins promptly at contracted start time and ends promptly at contracted end time, regardless if renter and/or renter’s party is late.


Fees for additional time that was not billed during the initial booking will be due by end of the following day.


Rental time includes load in, setup, tear down, and clean up. The studio must be clean and fully vacated by the scheduled end time. Please be courteous to the next guest’s appointment and consider this when booking your rental. If you utilize the space past your contracted end time, you will be charged at a $10 rate per minute.


Use lighting and equipment for its intended purpose only.


Absolutely no candles or fires in studio at anytime. This includes sparklers and fireworks. No smoking is allowed in the studio. Projects involving smoke must have prior consent of a company representative


Due to the high visibility of our studio and our large windows, The Glossary does not allow nude or partially nude photography.


No glitter or confetti in the studio.


No pets allowed without prior consent of a company representative.


Absolutely no illicit drug use is allowed, and The Glossary reserves the right to terminate the reservation immediately without refund if such activity occurs. 


Absolutely no nails or pins in the walls or backdrops. You may use command hooks or gentle painters tape if you need to hang items with expressed permission. You are 100% liable for any damages to the studio during your session.




If food is used, it must be properly disposed of and areas must be thoroughly cleaned after. Dumpster located in rear of building and cleaning supplies available for use.


Do not drag props and furniture across the floors. Pick them up and move them properly to avoid damaging the studio. Return all items to their original location when finished. 


Report any damages, repairs, or maintenance needed upon arrival to management. If it is reported by the next renter, you may be held responsible for the damages.


Before your scheduled end time, please make sure the studio is clean. This includes taking garbage out, sweeping, and wiping down props and equipment as needed.


$100 minimum cleaning fee required for excessively dirty studio.

Be respectful of the entire studio space - Music is to be kept at reasonable levels.

This contract is between The Glossary Studio and the client listed below. Event booking is not secured until the retainer has been collected and executed agreement is received.

Thanks for submitting!

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